About Us

The Church

Here at Mount Carmel, affectionately known as “The Mount”, we believed that Christ and only Christ is the way to salvation and that all are lost without him. We also believe that we serve God by using the gifts He gave us to serve each other and mankind.

Our name, Mount Carmel, has a significant place in the history of Israel, God's chosen people, and the religions of the world. It was there where God showed His magnificent powers and His immeasurable grace when He gave the invitation to grace and salvations. 1 Kings Chapter 18

The church was founded on June 21, 1921 by Rev. Gabriel Manuel Taylor and on August 29, 2005 the church was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. See Photos. The church is not the building. The church is the people of God. Although the building was destroyed the church lives on. Church services are currently being held at True Vine Baptist Church, 2008 Marigny St, New Orleans, LA. We thank God for Rev. Donald C. Jeanjacques for opening up the doors of True Vine Baptist Church that Mt. Carmel can live on. We are rebuilt! In August of 2010, Mt. Carmel and it's members marched to the new building.

Our Past Shepherds

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church was founded by Rev. Gabriel Manuel Taylor on June 21, 1921. Mt. Carmel had only three (3) pastors; the founder Rev. Gabriel Manuel Taylor, Rev. Ruben Lemon and the Rev. Louis S. Jones. After the death of Rev. Gabriel Taylor in 1959, his son, Rev. Spencer Taylor carried on with the deacons, until a pastor, Rev. Ruben Lemon was chosen.

Our Present Shepherd

With the Lord and Savoir Christ as our leader, Rev. Dr. Bruce McClue III was elected as Pastor and was installed on Friday, January 19, 2007. He has re-instituted the weekly Bible class and began the publishing of a quarterly newsletter called "The Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Herald". Pastor McClue has also revitalized the soul winning ministry and began the CD recording ministry, which particularly serves those members who cannot attend the weekly services. He visits the sick, whether near or far. He loves and prays for all of his members. Some of the things we love about Pastor McClue is his eagerness to move forward, his drive that pushes us to get the job done, and his consistence in the work of the Lord.