Our Pastor



Rev. Dr. Bruce McClue, III

Pastor McClue was born to the union of the late Bruce McClue, Jr and the late Delores Terry Venison on September 18, 1963 in New Orleans, LA.  He was reared in the upper ninth ward of the city and attended it public schools.  After graduating from McDonogh #35, Pastor McClue attended Dillard University where he majored in chemistry.  There he met, fell in love and married the former Donna Lynn Jones.  They married in 1986 and from that union were born three children.  James( the oldest son), Andra ( the baby girl) and Jacob( the baby boy). 

In 1989, Pastor McClue accepted his calling into the ministry in southwest desert of Texas after what he described as a year long battle with God.  He said, his cries in the wilderness led him to accept the Will of God.  On his return from Texas in the summer of 1989, Pastor spoke with his Pastor, the late Thomas Taylor of the Galilee B.C.  His pastor informed that he should go into prayer and fasting for a week to be sure on his calling in Christ.  After a week of fasting and praying, Pastor return to Reverend Taylor with the same vigor to preach the gospel. On February 4th 1990, Pastor had his trial sermon.  It came from Exodus, “Stand Still and Behold the Salvation of The Lord”.  Under the tutelage of Reverend Taylor, Pastor McClue grew with boldness and conviction in the Word. 

In August of 1991, Pastor was ordained and since his ordination, Pastor has been on missionary journeys to Indiana, Illinois and Mississippi.  He has as Master of Divinity from Union Baptist Seminary and a Doctorate in Divinity from Slidell Baptist Seminary. He has preached on our Nation’s Capital Steps, preached several times in Angola Prison.  Has been an active participant in the pass with Christian Community Youth Against Drugs which was a drug ministry of the Galilee Baptist Church.  He served on the board of Directors to numerous outreach programs of city.  He taught evangelism seminars, mentoring programs for many churches in the city.  He has been a professor at Union Baptist Seminary, where he taught Biblical History, Homiletics, Systematic Theology and New Testament Studies. 

In December of 2006, Rev. Bruce McClue, III was elected pastor of the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church.  Since that time he worked hard to restore the fellowship of the Mt. Carmel family and to rebuild the physical church.  Pastor McClue has a heart for souls.  He loves the Word of God and strives to apply it to his life daily.  He loves teaching the Word and he loves evangelism.  He has conducted evangelism seminars and mentoring training, he has trained team leaders, and led evangelism teams for several churches in the New Orleans metro area.